Fortune cookie fail

Posted on February 25, 2012


Tonight we had Chinese take-out. We just can’t help ourselves. It was so nom-ilicious until I opened my fortune cookie.

Thanks. Jerks.

Today I posted my first Team Spotlight interview at GingerScraps.  This is exciting stuff for me. I really do love to blog write, you wouldn’t know it of course by the look of things around here, but I absolutely do. Now that I have a very specific thing to write  about, it makes it so much easier than me sitting here staring at my blank Add New Post screen wondering what the frak should I write about.

I worked on another layout today, using the February grab bag kit. I sat at moved the same few things around for what seemed like a good couple hours. Overall I’m satisfied with the “finished” product.

I’ve got to figure out my resolution problem, which is sort of really bothering me at the moment. However, I am quite pleased with myself for journaling. Remember I am working on adding it to (almost) every layout. Go me!

After a long day of doing nearly nothing my body has decided its to bed early tonight. Little A is fast asleep after a rough hour before bed (he fell into the corner of the coffee table and his two bottom teeth hit the roof of his mouth. After much blood and many tears he was washed up, snuggled and got back on his feet ready to play. I love boys.), Mr. Husband is out working on his car and I plan on sprawling over the entire king size bed (that is what’s left after Alfie- my four legged son- gets comfortable) all by myself. Bliss.

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